Cook’s Adventures

Forage for These Underrated Mushrooms on Your Next Hiking Trip

Got milk caps? Seek out these underappreciated wild mushrooms

Milk caps are identified by their orange color and well-defined gills

Langdon Cook

These Underrated Wild Berries Are Worth Foraging For

Life is sweeter once you’ve picked a basket of salal or Oregon grape berries

A young fan picks a bunch of Oregon grape berries; the plant can be identified by its holly-like leaflets

Langdon Cook

Rose Hips: A Cure For What Ails You

The master forager fights the common cold with help from nature's Emergen-C.

My first priority as a forager is to enjoy the fresh air. Second is a good meal. Third—and not a…

Seattle Mag

Cook’s Adventures: Fearless Foraging for Dungeness Crab

Ever grab a hand bare-handed? Here’s why Langdon Cook thinks it’s a good idea.

Tropical scenes in our corner of the continent are infrequent, but last summer, on one of those bluebird July days,…

Langdon Cook

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