News Round Up: The West Seattle Bridge is Falling Down, Falling Down…

Plus: Some farmers markets are reopening and Pride weekend is going virtual

The West Seattle Bridge is closed until further notice.

Tricia Romano

Quarantine Birthday Hacks

Send some joy with whimsical birthday postcards and Hot Cakes delivery

One of Katherine Dietz’s quarantine birthday postcards

Ariel Shearer

Must List: Art Walk, Virtual Wine Tasting, Comedy in Quarantine

Your weekly guide to Seattle’s hottest (virtual) events

Wine tasting at Fidelitas

Sam Steele

Must List: Dance Church, Riveter Community Day, Cherry Blossoms

Your weekly guide to Seattle's hottest (virtual) events

Cherry blossoms at the University of Washington


Foraging for Hope in Seattle

In challenging times, Seattleites are finding ways to feed, inspire, teach and entertain our community in (spite of) state-mandated isolation

It may feel like consuming as much information as possible will somehow inoculate us from the virus. In truth, it’s healthier (if challenging!) to limit one’s news consumption, and that’s why we’re now gorging all the good local news we can find. Here are a handful of hopeful stories and helpful resources illustrating the many ways…

Ariel Shearer