Families Dealing With Opioid Addiction Split Over Safe-Consumption Sites

In King County, and across the country, the opioid epidemic is only growing larger. But agreeing on a solution remains elusive.

King County Heroin and Opioid Trends

Erica C. Barnett

As King County Grapples With Heroin Addiction, Another Lethal Drug is on the Rise

One local expert calls an increase in methamphetamine overdoses “the most significant trend in drug-related mortality.”

Since 2010, meth overdoses have risen rapidly in King County.

Erica C. Barnett

‘Welcome to Tweakerville’: Controversial Everett Sign Goes Viral

Business owner Gary Watts caused a stir with his Z Sport Automotive sign.

As Everett continues to deal with the heroin crisis, a business owner offers sharp critique.

Michael Rietmulder

Everett Could Force Bikini Baristas to Cover Up

Officials argue the coffee stands have led to prostitution and other crime.

Everett officials are considering cracking down on one of Washington’s more provocative industries. The city council will weigh two proposed…

Michael Rietmulder

The Mystery of D.B. Cooper

It's the 40th anniversary of D.B. Cooper’s daring escape, one of Seattle’s most enduring crime myste

A few crumbling $20 bills. An airline boarding pass. A pink parachute. A black, clip-on necktie from J.C. Penney. This…


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