Croque Monsieur

Melted cheese and smoky ham: Local eateries take the classic croque monsieur sandwich to indulgent n

By Shawna Leader January 13, 2012


This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue of Seattle magazine.

Café Presse

Presse’s croque monsieur is baked in a convection oven, guaranteeing that the sandwich is browned on all sides. A pallone white bread from Grand Central Bakery encloses Madrange ham, Comté cheese and mustard. $6. Capitol Hill, 1117 12th Ave.; 206.709.7674;

Belle Epicurean

Inspired by the classic French style, Belle’s croque monsieur features Black Forest ham from Zoe’s Meats, plus house-made brioche with provolone and Gruyère cheese sauce, made with garlic, milk, thyme and onions. $8.79. Multiple locations, including downtown, 1206 Fourth Ave.; 206.262.9404;


Bay laurel trees on the restaurant’s roof supply leaves for the béchamel sauce, and Grand Central Bakery provides the pain de mie for Bastille’s entry, which features cave-aged Comté cheese. $6 at happy hour, $9 during regular hours. Ballard, 5307 Ballard Ave. NW; 206.453.5014;

Café Campagne

A slice of house-made pain de mie is topped with French ham, cheese and another slice of bread, and then covered with béchamel sauce and more cheese. $13. Pike Place Market, 1600 Post Alley; 206.728.2233;

Bakery Nouveau

This croque monsieur isn’t served every day, but it’s a cheese lover’s delight, with Comté, Emmentaler and Parmesan on buttered miche bread with spicy Dijon mustard and béchamel sauce. $7.70. West Seattle, 4737 California Ave.; 206.923.0534;


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