December 2019

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PLUS: Our annual gift guide, a road trip to Victoria, B.C., for world-class high tea, the story behind the neon monkeys in Greenwood and much more!

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From this Issue

Big Mac cheeseburger at Queen Anne's Eden Hill Provisions

From the couple behind one of the city’s best fine dining restaurants comes the casual, family-friendly spot they meant to open all along

When it comes to ooooh-evoking multimillion-dollar estates, it’s hard to out-wow the Eastside’s supply

In today’s dining scene, it’s hard to keep up with restaurant openings. But it’s our job (and our pleasure) to do just that. Here are a few new places worth checking out

Locals can get a tintype portrait taken at Henrietta's Eye

On Bainbridge Island, the Glenn family uses apples to produce gin and amari

A new take on the old-school diner dishes up an American classic

Erasto “Big Red” Jackson brings international flavors to his Rainier Valley restaurant, but he’s best known for his barbecue

A decade into her tenure at Seattle and Seattle Business magazines, photographer Hayley Young looks back at some of her favorite images

Chef Melissa Miranda doesn’t just make killer food, she’s a force for good in the Seattle restaurant scene. From her new Beacon Hill Filipinx restaurant Musang, Miranda weighs in on the food and the community that inspire her

Our picks for where to start off the new year in the city

Has everyone around here found bliss or is it just the CBD?

Editor-in-chief Chelsea Lin eats out more than she’d like to admit—all in the name of research, of course. Here, she shares her 10 best meals of the year

Consider these next-level chocolate shops when you’re looking for that next cacao fix

More than 2,000 lightning strikes occurred between 6 and 11 p.m.

In a year full of awful news, the stories of these everyday heroes helped keep the joy alive

Many new hotels in Seattle use artful decor to liven up their lodgings

Ambika Singh helps outfit women in designer threads, but her aspirations—like her closet—continue to evolve

The Burke Museum’s modern makeover celebrates transparency

Real Change celebrates a quarter-century of making a meaningful difference

Seattle is a city chock-full of mavericks, so it comes as no surprise that 2019 was a big year when it came to inventions

Warning: What you are about to read is not true, accurate or representative of Seattle magazine’s professional opinion, but it sure is funny

None of these women’s accomplishments is really that big of a deal, and they probably just got lucky or something. They just thought you might want to know in case you hadn’t heard or whatever. Don’t worry: We won’t bring any of this up again

Dak & Ju's easy-to-digest tutorials run around 10 minutes and will inspire you to attempt their signature creations

Spend your next weekend getaway in the Great White North

The Emerald City didn’t need to look any farther than its own backyard this year to see how quickly we’re all approaching our inevitable demise

Mother Earth: "If you don’t pull the trigger on this ‘nation of Cascadia’ thing, I’ll do it myself"

Members can reserve private rooms for special events—a bonus for urban Seattleites with limited space for hosting at home

Afraid the city skyline didn’t have enough construction cranes, local residents happily set aside the Seattle Freeze to welcome a few new guys to town

Cheery LED animals are more than mere holiday decoration

Easily corral friends’ opinions with Sujjest

From the simple and elegant to the unique and unexpected, discover the best local gifts in our annual gift guide

Knute Berger weighs in on Seattle’s most iconic personalities, past and present, from popular musicians to historical figures

Pantone Color Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman studies the world to bring us more color

The best bets for holiday entertainment this month

Artwork "Black Sky" from the In Plain Sight exhibition

Our handpicked list of the best bets for entertainment this month