Woody Sez: Guthrie's Still Talkin', Even Today

Woody Sez: Guthrie’s Still Talkin’, Even Today

Seattle Repertory's musical portrait of Woody Guthrie, 'Woody Sez', rings true for our times, too

Three quarters of a century before Facebook and Twitter, Woody Guthrie was writing and singing songs about the complex issues we tweet incessantly about today: big banks, corporations, immigrants, the working class, greedy politicians, war. In David Lutken’s Woody Sez, the music-filled portrait of the life, times and songs of America’s folk-singing hero, Lutken, who…

We Are America: Election Reflections from a Millennial

We Are America: Election Reflections from a Millennial

Reflections on the election—and the protests—from a millennial

With fellow picketing Americans, I marched in Seattle’s anti-Trump protest on November 9

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