Where to Live Now in Seattle

Where to Live Now in Seattle

It’s no secret that housing prices are going through the roof in the Seattle area. Seattle-based Zillow recently ranked our city as the second-hottest housing market in the country. What does that mean for you? If you’re a buyer, you may want to consider a neighborhood with rapid appreciation; if you’re a renter, be prepared…

Seattle's Apartment Boom Offers New Living Options

Seattle’s Apartment Boom Offers New Living Options

As it transforms neighborhoods, Seattle’s apartment boom offers a surplus of options like rooftop gardens, chicken coops and more

Apartment-dwellers in South Lake Union’s six-story Amli can enjoy the 3,000 square foot rooftop garden

Bridging Seattle's Generational Divide for the City's Sake, and Ours

Bridging Seattle’s Generational Divide for the City’s Sake, and Ours

From Boomers to Millennials, Seattle's generations need each other, especially as we all face the challenges ahead

It is somewhat fashionable for American generations to dislike one another, Boomers vs. Millennials vs. Gen Xers. All have come in for criticism, despite the fact that defining people by age and marketing categories doesn’t fully reflect human experience which, at its best, is multi-generational. The other day I was walking in Columbia City and…

Looking at Gentrification in Seattle

How historic preservation is boosting diversity at a time of gentrification

Seattle’s Central District is a prime example of an area that’s experiencing extreme change

Revitalizing Old Properties on Capitol Hill and First Hill

A husband-and-wife development team proves good homes can come in compact packages

Architect David Neiman of Neiman Tabor, part of the design team for The Summit Inn renovations on Capitol Hill, will create 49 new micro units with interiors modeled after the modern, small spaces of Seattle University housing community, The Yobi Apartmen

Once a Dime a Dozen, Homes with Views are Now More Valuable than Ever

The need to accelerate efforts to protect and expand public access to views is high

The Escala building in downtown Seattle

8 Ways to Make Seattle Less Appealing

Some ideas for rebooting our defense mechanisms

I have argued that Seattle should deal with growth in two ways: more housing to increase the supply side, and making ourselves less appealing to reduce demand. Some critters in nature exude chemical to make them taste bad. A few species of tropical frogs are covered in a poisonous slime to make them untouchable, and…

What Seattle's Density Problem is Doing to Your Summer Plans

What Seattle’s Density Problem is Doing to Your Summer Plans

Our state’s population is growing, but not the number of our state campsites

On a sunny summer weekend last year, I loaded my car with a tent, camping stove and border collie and hit the road, in hopes of finding a spot in a state campground near Deception Pass. As I drove, I was reminded of the trips with my family in our VW camper van in the…

Curiouser and Curiouser: Capitol Hill's Strange Facades

Curiouser and Curiouser: Capitol Hill’s Strange Facades

Seattle’s breakneck growth has spawned an interesting sight on Capitol Hill

They look like decaying movie sets left over from some long-ago shoot. Across Capitol Hill, skeletal remnants of vintage brick buildings are propped up with girders and posts, while huge construction pits gape just behind. The prevalence of these haunting façades is the result of zoning incentives established by the Seattle City Council in 2009…

The Backlash Against Tech in Seattle: What we can Learn from San Francisco

The Backlash Against Tech in Seattle: What we can Learn from San Francisco

The thriving tech industry is changing Seattle, and not everyone is happy about it

Strolling around Blanchard and Seventh in Seattle’s Denny Triangle, I’m taking in the last days of a forgettable block. It’s an easy spot to ignore as one passes by. Nondescript mid-rises commiserate with a Budget Rent A Car, a strip club and a fenced-off dirt lot. Having passed through the area for years, it’s hard…

Changes in the Central District Affect the African-American Community

Changes in the Central District Affect the African-American Community

As gentrification pushes African-Americans, should the city step in to protect their interests?

When Mount Calvary Christian Center pastor Reggie Witherspoon was growing up in the Central District in the 1960s and ’70s, the neighborhood was tight-knit and largely African-American. But today, it’s another story. “It’s radically different,” he says. Now, he can visit the neighborhood and not see any African-Americans. “I never thought I would see the…

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