Dessert on the go From Petit Pierre Bakery

Grab some travel-sized delights at this French bakery in Magnolia

By Seattle Mag


February 22, 2016

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Seattle Magazine.

I love personal-size food, such as individual pizzas and mini pies. Petit Pierre Bakery’s tiny gateaux de voyage, or travel cake (hello, gourmet road food), is my current one-serving wonder. Master baker Laure Le Benoist and her husband, Alex, craft these itty-bitty, ultramoist cake loaves ($2.50) every day in their Magnolia Village café.

And, while the Paris transplants sell out of macarons and custard cream puffs faster than you can say délicieux, there’s almost always cake (vanilla and espresso are yummiest) for me to stuff into my shoulder bag on the way to a picnic at Discovery Park—to share with the kiddos, of course. Magnolia, 3204 W McGraw St.; 206.406.7271