Woodinville Whiskey Holds Its Annual Autumn Harvest Release

And fans line up a full day in advance

Woodinville Whiskey’s Toasted Applewood Rye had people lining up 24-hours early

A.J. Rathbun

Celebrate Spring With New Releases From Local Distilleries

Check out these tasty new offerings from local distillers

AJ Rathbun

Three Impressions of Batch Bar

Enjoy a tall drink at Batch Bar crafted from neighboring Batch 206 Distillery’s spirits

AJ Rathbun

Five New Washington Whiskeys to Try

Our local whiskey distillers are supplying an ever-expanding shelf bursting with intriguing choices. To start your sipping, here are five new-ish highlights covering a range of tastes. The best experience is to try these at the distilleries

From left: Bad Dog Grandpa’s Wheat Whiskey, Chambers Bay Greenhorn Bourbon, Heritage High Altitude Brown Sugar Bourbon, 3 Howls Backbeat Bourbon, Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey

Seattle Mag

Washington Whiskey Barrels Ahead

The state's whiskey scene has expanded from just a couple of producers to a robust and varied selection

When I first wrote about the nascent Washington distillery scene in 2011, the selection of local whiskey was very different from what it is today. Woodinville Whiskey Co. was releasing its first micro-barreled bourbon and rye, and the other bottles of locally produced brown could be counted on one hand. Six years later, we live…

A.J. Rathbun

Drinks News: Rob Roy, 190 Sunset and Spirits in the South Sound

Have a Stay the Course and support Rob Roy’s Jesse Cyr on March 14th

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German Cocktails at Altstadt, Vote for Local Distillers and More

All the boozy news you can use

From special drinks to big booze contests to cider-ific anniversaries and events, local bars, distillers, and cideries are making the end of summer a wonderful place for those who, like me, love our local producers. Read the below and learn more.  Altstadt’s German Cocktails: Pioneer Square’s Altstadt opened three years ago and became known for…

AJ Rathbun

The Bourbon Buzz: How to Score the New Dry Fly

There’s a whole lot of to-do about this Saturday’s Seattle release of Dry Fly Bourbon, which is being billed as “the first-ever commercially produced bourbon in Washington State.” Half of the limited-release production of 480 bottles hit the streets last week in Spokane, where Dry Fly is based. Dry Fly distiller Patrick Donovan tells me…

Seattle Mag

Sample Spirits from Seattle’s New Distilleries

A new law has created a boom in spirited establishments.

The recent boom in Seattle booze distillers comes thanks to the Washington State Craft Distillery Law (passed in 2008), which allows local liquor producers to offer on-site tasting and bottle sales, à la wineries—provided that at least 51 percent of the liquor ingredients are grown in state. Accordingly, a slew of recently opened distilleries now…

Jana Moseley