Four Reasons to Bring Your Dog to the Fremont Fair

Fun for canine and mankind alike at the annual Summer kickoff

 sponsored by Just Right by Purina Blue skies overhead and blueberries in our markets can only mean one thing–summer is here, and with it, the Fremont Fair. The annual event, held the weekend of June 17-18, promises fun for humans and dogs alike with a variety of activities and scheduled events sponsored by Just Right®…

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The Must List: Filson’s Canine Happy Hour, Timbrrr! Winter Music Festival, La Traviata

What to do in and around Seattle in the days ahead

A crowd at Timbrrr! 2016

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A New Off-Leash Master Plan Has Dog Owners Snarling

Seattle may have a rep as a city with more dogs than kids, but a new master plan for dog parks is in the works—and it’s not making dog owners happy

Winchester, one of Cole Eckerman’s dogs, enjoys a brief rest at the off-leash area in Genesee Park

Elaine Porterfield; additional research by Sarah Murphy

Urban Animal: Seattle’s Hip Veterinary Clinic

Capitol Hill’s new vet clinic features DIY pet portraits.

You’re staring at the photo booth in the lobby of Urban Animal, Capitol Hill’s newest veterinary practice. What’s that doing here? It’s the for-real, film-based, wait-four-minutes-for-slightly-wet-prints kind. The last one you saw was, probably, in a bar. But you are sober. And here for your pup’s checkup, for heaven’s sake. Then, you look around. The…

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My Dad Sent Me This: Two Dogs Eating at the Table

Remember when everyone used to send emails with 15 forwards intact and you had to scroll to the very bottom of the page and then it ended up being some stupid joke that wasn’t worth your time anyway? Well, my dad still sends those sometimes (a lot). But this time? My two major life loves–dogs…

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Seattle’s Cutest Dog is…

Saxon! How can you not fall in love with such a goofy, blissful redhead (shown above and below)? In case you missed it: we asked readers to share pictures of their own dogs to complement our October story about “Seattle’s Dog Obsession.” We then decided to choose the cutest dog from those submissions. Settling on…

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Seattle’s Dog Obsession

With more canines than children living within city limits, Seattle has ofiicially gone to the dogs

Photos in Flickr slideshow by Kathryn Barnard   Teddi Schultz didn’t think anything of the turned heads and baffled expressions she received at the crowded summer Ballard SeafoodFest in July. She looked straight ahead proudly, her hands steadying the baby stroller that held her small Chihuahua, Zooey. When asked by a small child if her…

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