Check out five of our favorites

The new spot from the people who run Tacoma Cabana has an atmosphere that will make you want to walk the plank.

The Nook's refreshing drink is the perfect sipper for this chilly weather.

This cocktail is traditionally made with thick, dark, blackstrap rum, or another type of well-aged island rum.

Third annual event features 20-plus restaurants and 30-plus craft breweries and cideries

As Ken Burns recently illuminated for us, women were at the forefront of the two most significant developments in our country's history of drinking: the enactment of Prohibition,

A new watering hole sits along the steel paths of the pedestrian walkway downtown, offering a sweet escape during long ferry waits.

Washington grape growers and winemakers have always been experimenters, seeing what will work in our relatively young industry, but in the past few years, so much has changed that we are in the midst of what might be called the Age of Experimentat