These Three Bars Take Comfort Drinking to Holistic New Levels

Seattle's Best Restaurants: Three of our favorite bars that never disappoint.

Live your dream of the nautical life at No Anchor bar in Belltown.

A.J. Rathbun

Don’t be the Sloppy Wine Fest Amateur, Take These Tips From a Pro

Tips and strategies for sipping your way through the Auction of Washington Wines.

When it comes to sampling wines at a tasting, sip, dump or spit—and remember: It’s OK not to taste everything.

Chelsea Lin

Seattle Bartenders Look to the Far East for Big Flavor

Asian ingredients once seldom found in drinks are showing up on cocktail menus across town.

The Garam Masala Whiskey Collins at Belltown tiki bar Navy Strength.

AJ Rathbun

Local Tonic Syrups Are the Secret Ingredients in Summer’s Most Refreshing Drinks

From the classic gin and tonic and beyond, we could drink these delicious combos all summer long.

Sherry and Meriwether’s Fancy Drinking Tonic is the perfect drink for a summer sunset.

AJ Rathbun

Wallingford’s Sunny New Margarita Bar is a Happy Hour Hit

Modern cantina Pablo y Pablo wants you to enjoy a margarita your way.

Pablo y Pablo’s carbonated blood orange margarita.

Michael Rietmulder

Seattle’s Boozy Slushy Obsession Will Save Us From the Heat Wave. Here Are Our Faves

Keep cool with five of our favorite boozy slushies.

Beat the heat with a piña colada at Ballard’s vegan tiki bar No Bones Beach Club.

AJ Rathbun

Washington Distilleries Are Having a Fruity Summer Fling

Plus, a precious PNW whiskey hits the shelves (but not for long).

Try a strawberry daiquiri with Salish Sea’s basil liqueur.

AJ Rathbun

Leschi Bar’s ‘Extra Fancy’ Daiquiri is Perfect for Seattle Summer Nights

Revisit the classic daiquiri at Meet the Moon with a double dose of rum and sunshine.

Meet the Moon bartender Casey Estrada’s daiquiri reflects the summer vibe of the place

A.J. Rathbun

Star Bartender Takes Over at One of Downtown’s Flashiest Patio Bars

Veteran Seattle drink shaker Bridget Maloney joins happy hour hotspot Frolik.

Tis the season for frosé at Frolik.

AJ Rathbun