5 Cool Cocktails to Toast the End of Dry January

Cheers to making it through the month!
| Updated: November 27, 2018

Congrats! You’ve made it through a whole month without a drop of booze. So many calories not consumed, not one hangover or drunken text to apologize for, but, boy, oh, man. You’ve got a powerful thirst for something fresh and spiked, right?

Here are five that should hit the spot. Now, go get your drank on, but remember: Take it easy getting back on that spirited horse!

Child’s Play at canon will make you feel like a kid again. It’s on the sweet-ish side, built on gingersnap rum (which is made by blending Plantation Dark rum with those spicy cookies and steeping the mixture, later filtering it), some fig preserves, honey water, and ginger syrup. Fresh lime juice and classic Angostura bitters gives the cocktail a bright finish. It’s shaken and strained over crushed ice. No, sorry, you don’t get to keep the Lego-look-alike that you’ll be sipping this fun one from.

The Lilikoi Super-matic at Super Six is like a sweet, fizzy trip to the tropics. A juicy combo of vodka, passion fruit and pineapple with a prosecco float might put you in the mood to search for airfares to Maui. You know what? This one would be perfect to order at the special President’s Day brunch this Columbia City fave is having on Feb. 19. Day drinking on a Monday? Yes, please.

It’s prime season for oysters, which is why you need to try the special secret martini at White Swan Public House that’s garnished with one of those plump beauties from the sea. It was created by a clever customer, who made a special request, so it’s not always on the menu. Ask nicely, and the skilled bar crew will whip one up for you.

Mercato Stellina’s pretty-in-pink Grapefruit Negroni isn’t as bitter as the traditional version of that cocktail. That’s because the Campari’s been dialed back and there’s some Aperol in the mix, along with New Amsterdam gin, and the super sexy mancino bianco vermouth. (Sexy cuz it’s from Italy, and it’s infused with more than 30 botanicals, so you know it’s got to be kind of good for you, too, right?)

Heartwood Provisions partnered by Copperworks Distilling Company to create a barrel-aged gin that brings out the floral and spice character of that spirit. It’s showcased in a drink that features a shrub made from Washington state’s most beloved fruit. Just don’t call it an apple-tini, K? 

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