5 Things You Need to Eat and Drink in June

From farm-fresh veggies to barbecued lamb, here's where to eat well this month.
| Updated: November 27, 2018
It's ON: Queen Anne Farmers Market starts today.

Summer is so close we can taste it (or maybe that’s just the abundance of ice cream consumed last blissfully sunny weekend). Get out the planner—you’re going to need it to pencil in all the food events and new restaurants this month:

Eat more ice cream.
Do you even need a reason? If so, here’s a good one: Seattle Cookie Counter is finally up and running in the revamped Greenwood shop. The adorable ice cream shop (famous for the ice cream sandwiches owners originally sold from a VM van) closed late last year, but thanks to the help of their community of customers, managed to raise enough money for a second chance. Expect soft serve, elaborate sundaes, coffee and Italian sodas, baked goods, and a rotating roster of ice cream sandwich flavors—all vegan, not that you’d know by tasting. 

Combine your two favorite summer things.
Pork and pink wine. Fremont’s delightful Vif (my personal happy place) is hosting its fourth annual parking lot party on June 16, with roast pig and a tasting of this year’s pink wine releases. Details to be announced soon here.

Learn about Persian food (with a friend).
We talked about Nue’s One-World dinners back in January when they launched; I finally had the pleasure of attending one of these monthly tributes to a singular international cuisine last month, and now I want to go to every one. Last month was Burma, and June 12’s dinner is focusing on Persian food, with dishes like gormeh sabzi (a savory stew called the national dish of Iran) and kashke bademjan (an appetizer eggplant spread). Spend $65, go sit at the communal tables, and enjoy.

Enjoy ewe-rself at Lamb Jam.
On June 25, Lamb Jam returns to Seattle, with six chefs (Heong Soon Park of Chan, Jack Timmons of Jack’s BBQ, Matt Davis of Wood Shop BBQ, Kyle Brierley of Briley’s BBQ, Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi of Revel, and Charlotte Glaves of Bookstore Bar) competing to make the best barbecued lamb dish. Tickets are $75. I’ll be there judging—come say hi! 

Feast at the farmers markets.
The last of the big seasonal farmers markets open within the week (Phinney, Magnolia, Lake City). Queen Anne is hosting its first market tonight, with one of the city’s best congregation of rotating food trucks: check ‘em out here

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