Breakfast Tacos Are Taking Over Seattle and These Are the Best

Seattle's Best Restaurant Trends: Local restaurateurs steal a page from Austin's playbook.
Jack’s Jalapeño cheddar sausage taco

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Texas’ favorite morning treat has finally made its way north, much to the relief of Lone Star State transplants. And now, we get it, too: Magic is made by the folding of eggs and potatoes (and perhaps meat) into a tortilla.

Jack’s BBQ
First it brought us brisket; now, it offers brisket (or sausage) with cheese, potatoes and eggs, wrapped in a pillowy soft flour tortilla—the best example of the genre you’ll find this side of the state line. Wash it down with one of Jack's sublime brunch cocktailsGeorgetown, 3924 Airport Way S; 206.467.4038 

Sunrise Tacos
A small, earnest version that seems to incorporate a hint of Northwest (local ingredients, and there’s one with Soyrizo)—not quite as greasy and down-home as you’d find in Austin, but no less delicious. Available in deli cases at various coffee shops around the city. 

Is it really a breakfast taco if you must order them in pairs and they come with a side of beans? Is it really a breakfast taco without the potatoes? Maybe it’s not to a real Texan, but it tastes good, and that’s good enough for us. Lower Queen Anne, 706 Taylor Ave. N; 206.284.1015

Another breakfast taco that Texans might pooh-pooh (corn tortillas!) and the veggie version has hummus?), but the house-made chorizo makes this one worth granting an Austinite’s pardon. West Seattle, 3803 Delridge Way SW; 206.935.2111


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