The Candy Cocktails at Bellevue’s New ‘Chocolate Lounge’ Are Completely Ridiculous

Don't tell your dentist, but Sugar Factory's first Washington location is open in the Shops at the Bravern.
| Updated: November 27, 2018
This "watermelon goblet" is allegedly designed for adult humans.

Just in time for the holidays, a new retail/restaurant/chocolate lounge combo debuted in Bellevue. The Sugar Factory—an absurdly indulgent and over-the-top chain, infamous for its many celebrity endorsements and high-calorie spreads—opened in the Shops at the Bravern last month.

No place for the faint of heart, the 9,000-square-foot space, which Mariah Carey helped christen during the opening, offers three different experiences for guests. The restaurant area, or “American Brasserie,” offers brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert options in a bright room covered in trendy black and white stripes and plush leather booths.

Its extensive 43-page(!) menu features plenty of options that will leave you stuffed to the rafters—think mac ‘n’ cheese pops and colossal “monster burgers,” chicken and waffles, and “insane milkshakes” piled sky high with sweet treats like lollipops and cheesecake chunks. If you’re looking for a (spendy) challenge, the $100 King Kong sundae comes complete with 24 scoops of ice cream and too many toppings and sauces to count.

Adjacent to the restaurant, the chocolate lounge keeps the absurd cocktails coming. Mimicking the vibe of the restaurant, the lounge is decked out with beautiful chandeliers, marble countertops and Christmas décor. The first Sugar Factory location to feature a chocolate lounge, the Bellevue spot offers ridiculous cocktails like its huge glow-in-the-dark goblets—the watermelon patch goblet comes with a massive topping of sour watermelon gummies. Its blended chocolate martinis, like the red velvet version with a cream cheese frosting rim or the s’mores martini garnished with graham crackers and floating marshmallows, offer a creamier decadence. The chocolate coconut martini is nearly indistinguishable from a liquified Mounds candy bar.

If you’re not in the mood for a dessert drink or all-out calorie fest, there’s always the retail store. With the holidays coming up, candy is currency, and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

For an eatery nestled between high-end stores like Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Prada, we suppose the prices could be worse (maybe?)—salads range from $13 to $22, $17-$20 monster burgers, $28-$39 steaks, while pastas and other entrées go for $15-25.

But if you are really looking to splurge, those “insane” milkshakes are $20 without booze. The Sugar Factory manages to match its neighbors’ talent for excess via its portion sizes and exorbitant menu. Check out the chocolate gold fondue package: serves six for $1,000, presented with a bottle of Dom and a glass of 50-year-old cognac.

We’re still not sure who can actually finish a 24-scoop sundae or a 60-ounce goblet of raspberry watermelon mojito, but at least the option is there?

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