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| Updated: November 27, 2018
Copperworks' single-malt whiskey release is officially out

The seasons are changing and fall is in the air. And with the slight drop in temperature, many (like me) are starting to think more about whiskey--fall is such a swell match with various whiskeys. Our local distillers and brewers must agree, because there are great new releases and announcements lately from them. Check the below for more info.

Woodinville Flagship Rye Release on October 15: After aging between five and six years, Woodinville Whiskey Co. core rye whiskey is just about ready to be introduced to the waiting world. It's making it available on Saturday, October 15, starting at 7 a.m. at the distillery, where you can expect coffee and treats for early risers, and giftable goods such as Woodinville whiskey-soaked cigars ($20 each) and commemorative boxes (one per person, but you can get as many regular bottles as you want). This whiskey is one of the few 100 percent rye whiskeys, and promises to be a very tasty number that's well worth getting there early for!

Copperworks Whiskey is Here: We talked recently about the much-anticpated Copperworks’ single malt whiskey release, and now it’s out! When Copperworks’ founders Jason Parker and Micah Nutt started discussing a distillery six years ago, this whiskey was the foundation, and after testing, tasting, and aging in new American Oak barrels, it’s finally ready for consumption. Made from 100 percent malted barley and twice-distilled in traditional copper pot stills, the whiskey has smoked orange and toffee flavors, with a peppery finish. In its honor, they’re offering complimentary tastes of it at the distillery through the end of September. You can pick up bottles at the distillery, online (where states allow it), and at select stores, with more coming.

Cadée Deceptivus Rates High in Whiskey Advocate: With more good whiskey news, Whidbey Island’s Cadée distillery recently picked up a nice accolade from whiskey magazine, Whiskey Advocate, for its Deceptivus bourbon. The bourbon picked up an 89-point rating, a high mark. The magazine had this to say about the whiskey, “Roasted corn, pine nuts, vanilla, cinnamon and sweet oats. Oak surfaces for a second, then is quickly replaced by lovely brown sugar, followed by toffee and bread pudding. This certainly is more rich and pronounced than most young bourbons with a finish of cinnamon pastry.” Another limited-edition run of this bourbon is now available--get it quick!

Jameson Irish Whiskey Partners with Local Stoup Brewing: As part of Irish whiskey maker Jameson’s Drinking Buddies program, the distillery partners with craft brewers from all across the U.S., bringing them to Ireland and sending them home with barrels of aged Jameson whiskey, in which the brewers can then age beer. Ballard’s Stoup Brewing is one of the partners this year, taking part for the first time in the program. The end result of this swell collaboration is Stoup’s Dublin Down Imperial Red Ale, a unique brew that’ll be available soon at select retailers. But the best way to learn more about the ale and the partnering is to stop by the distillery.

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