New Eats at CenturyLink This Football Season

Chef John Howie's new menu includes three mouth-watering burgers and seafood fare
| Updated: November 27, 2018
A Beardslee Public House burger offered at CenturyLink, made with three kinds of bacon.

A new Seahawks season kicks off on September 11 as the 'Hawks take on the Miami Dolphins at CenturyLink Field. But this year, 12th fans will have a few more reasons to be excited when visiting the stadium.

In a move towards adding more restaurant-style gourmet concessions, the Seattle Seahawks and CenturyLink's management First & Goal, Inc., in partnership with chef John Howie, have opened four new Club Level food stands featuring locally sourced, Northwest-inspired menu items available during games, concerts and other events held at the stadium. (Eat your heart out, Safeco Field.)

The stands—two Seastar Restaurant options in sections 213 and 231 and two Beardslee Public House and Brewery spots in sections 205 and 239—will dish out fare based on the menus at chef Howie's popular dining spots in Bellevue and Bothell of the same name. He's also crafted vegan and gluten-free options for CenturyLink's Grab & Go concessions, including a jalapeno IPA hummus, roasted Spanish beer nuts, a zesty kale salad (greens with carrots, red onions, red cabbage and an apple cider mustard vinaigrette) and a Greek quinoa salad with quinoa, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and pepperoncini with a red wine vinegar lemon vinaigrette.

At Seastar, order up a Thai seafood salad with calamari, shrimp and sashimi-grade octopus. Or opt for a hearty helping of fish and chips, washed down, of course, with a Beardslee craft beer: Beaver Bait Blonde and Greenleaf IPA are on tap at this stand.

Chef John Howie's Thai Seafood Salad.

If burgers on house-baked buns are more your thing, stop by the Beardslee stand where three burgers take center stage: the prime beef cheese burger (a USDA beef burger with Beardslee's applewood smoked onion burger spread and Tillamook cheddar cheese); the ultimate bacon cheese burger, a patty made with 60 percent ground beef and 40 percent ground bacon served with applewood smoked bacon and house made Canadian bacon; and the applewood smoked turkey burger, a non-beef option garnished with smoked gouda and molasses-infused ancho chili barbecue sauce.

Other eats include a fresh-baked brewing grain pretzel served with smoked gouda cheese sauce, chef Howie's famous Creole potato salad and Craisin cole slaw and two more Beardslee craft beer options: Knuckle Boom ESB and Greenleaf IPA.

"I'm a season ticket holder myself, and I know what I like to eat," chef Howie says, regarding how he created the stadium's breakout concessions. "The food isn't quite as good as the team on the field, but it's gonna be good." Howie showcased the food to Seahawk's linebacker Bobby Wagner during this month's training camp. Wagner raved about the seafood salad.


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