Take a Seat, Poutine. There's a New French Fry Indulgence in Town.

Asian fusion and Tex-Mex collide on Phorale's immaculate curly fries.
The eponymous signature Phorale fries with avocado crema salsa verde, habañero and bulgogi.

Imagine the comfort-food level of poutine joined by the flavor punch of your favorite Asian cusine—and even that fantasy doesn’t do justice to these fries. Phorale co-owners Jimmy Bui and Young Cho, who run the unassuming food counter in South Park, are using modernist techniques to turn out pan-Asian food (think banh mi, pho with sous vide eggs and some mean Korean chicken wings) with a Tex-Mex twist. Choose the Phorale fries ($8) as a vehicle for chef Cho’s excellent house-made condiments. The literal (ceramic) boat full of batter-dipped curly fries are smothered in habañero queso, cilantro aioli, a smattering of green onions and sesame seeds, and then topped with your choice of grilled spicy pork or marinated beef. Cho picked up the recipe for the finishing touch, fresh salsa verde, from a friend’s mom in Albuquerque. It’s bar food at its best—but without the bar. South Park, 8909 14th Ave. S; 206.519.0810; phoraleseattle.com


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