Eat & Drink

Turning Hate Into Healing

Seattle food entrepreneur launches company to support #VeryAsian movement

Angela Shen turned anti-Asian hate into healing. In doing so, she bolstered an entire community. Shen, the founder of Savor…

Rob Smith

Foraging For Food

How to find many things of the sea

Oysters can be found throughout the state’s coastal communities.

David Gladish

Seattle’s First Woman of Whiskey

Carolyn Sellar is blazing new ground as one of only a few Asian women in the world of whiskey

By day, Carolyn Sellar looks after apes, primates, lions and tigers. By night, she’s one of the country’s foremost authorities…

Stefanie Ellis

The Dessert Daredevil

Jessica Wang skillfully blurs the lines between sweet and savory

Jessica Wang’s desserts are anything but ordinary.

Stefanie Ellis

The Mushroom Queen

First, it was a cupcake empire and cannabis edibles. Now, Jody Hall is focused on liquid mushrooms.

If there’s a trendy new culinary craze in Seattle, chances are Jody Hall is behind it. Hall, of course, founded…

Stefanie Ellis

A Take on Bake

Sahana Vij’s dessert cookbook marries her love of cooking and philanthropy

It’s hard to say what’s more impressive: the fact that Sahana Vij wrote a cookbook as a teenager or that…

Rob Smith

Fast Food Meets Fine Dining

Seattle’s first ‘fast-fine’ restaurant will soon open its doors

Thanks to Christian Chan, Seattle will soon become the place where fine dining meets fast food. In April, Chan will…

Rob Smith

Eat Your Heart Out

A last-minute Valentine's Day guide to Seattle-area restaurants

The Red Rose Cocktail at The Woodmark

Chris S. Nishiwaki

My Fave Five Seattle Holiday Dishes

The best of Seattle's festive food

All the pasta at Nood Pasta is handmade. Grayseas offers delicious pies in several mouth-watering flavors, including apple-cheddar and, of course, pumpkin and pecan.

Aimee Rizzo