The 8 Best Noodle Bowls in Seattle

We love a pile of noodles— particularly these 8 dishes

By Chelsea Lin & Naomi Tomky


January 31, 2019

This article originally appeared in the February 2019 issue of Seattle Magazine.

This article appears in print in the February 2019 issue, as part of the 100 Best Things To Eat cover story. Click here to subscribe.

Kamonegi soba
Tender duck meatballs make this signature dish ($20).

Saffron spaghetti Bolognese
San Fermo
A classic dish with a clever twist, in a most charming Ballard setting ($21).

Hakata-style ramen
Capitol Hill
Happiness in a bowl: a tangle of noodles and silky pork bone broth ($11.25).

Bibim nengmyun
Sam Oh Jung
Crisp, cold soup filled with chewy buckwheat noodles and sharp pickles ($12).

Café Lago
Tomato sauce and béchamel get between the pasta sheets in this essential dish ($23).

Mac ‘N’ Yease
Plum Bistro
Capitol Hill
A decadent side with all the flavor and none of the cheese ($12).

Hot-oil-seared biangbiang noodles
Miah’s Kitchen
Simple preparation lets these handmade noodles sing ($7.99).

Tajarin con burro e salvia
Capitol Hill
Fresh egg pasta with butter and sage, also available with ragu ($26 for large plate).

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