Bubble Waffles are Finally Invading Seattle

Try the Asian street sweet at these four spots.

By Chelsea Lin


June 9, 2017

It wasn’t long ago (months, maybe?) that the closest bubble waffle—an eggy-battered, puffed up, waffle-type dessert popular in Hong Kong—was probably Richmond, B.C. Now, thanks to a handful of spots and a lot of Instagram food porn, the bubble waffle is on the cusp of a Seattle trend breakthrough. Perhaps we can thank Tanakasan for leading the revolution when they wisely added bubble waffles to their brunch menu last year (sadly, they’re no longer available). Try the carby confection at these four places:

Blank Space Cafe
With locations in Belltown and Bellevue, this bright cafe is largely responsible for popularizing bubble waffles on local social media. Who could resist (to photograph or eat) such over-the-top creations? Blank Space sells its bubble waffles as gorgeous sundaes topped with the likes of colorful sprinkles, Pocky and macarons.

Puffle Up
This new street food stand promises to be the darling of the summer farmers market/festival circuit, with bubble waffle sundaes topped with fresh fruit, torched marshmallows and cookie crumbles. Find them on Tuesdays at the Crossroad Bellevue farmers market, Saturdays at the South Lake Union market and Bite of Seattle July 21 to 23.

Super Six
When this Columbia City restaurant launches its new brunch menu this weekend, find a savory-sweet take on the bubble waffle: topped with fried chicken, then drizzled in hot honey, sriracha and coconut syrup.

Wann Yen
Known first for its Thai desserts (roti with condensed milk, addictive shave ice bowls), this casual U District shop is now selling bubble waffles as well. 

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