It’s Miserably Hot, so Salt & Straw is Giving Away Free Ice Cream

With free ice cream we can all get through this.

By Danny Sullivan


August 4, 2017

With the temperature pushing 100 degrees and the sky looking like the world is about to end thanks to Canadian wildfires, soften the misery of not having air conditioning with some free ice cream.

Provided by ballyhooed Portland ice cream chain Salt & Straw, the free treats are an early effort to win our trust before the opening of its first Seattle shops.

Starting at 2 p.m. (when the heat is nearing its worst) the heatwave heroes will hand out ice cream at 711 Pike St. on Capitol Hill—across from the Pike Motorworks building where one of their shops will open this winter—until it’s gone.

They’ll offer 4-ounce servings of some of their signature flavors including “Freckled Woodblock Chocolate,” “Double Fold Vanilla” and “Roasted Strawberry Coconut,” which they claim tastes better than fresh strawberries because the roasting caramelizes the fruit’s natural sugars.

Salt & Straw is one of a handful of stellar chains coming to Seattle. But opening mere blocks from Capitol Hill ice cream favorite Molly Moon’s, they will have to win patrons’ loyalty. Free samples on a hot day is a good start.


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