Navy Strength’s Coffee and Juice Bar is (Softly) Open

The tiki inspiration carries over to non-alcoholic drinks in this stylish Belltown cafe.

By Chelsea Lin


July 14, 2017

And you thought there was nothing new Seattle could do with coffee…

Navy Strength, Belltown’s tiki bar darling that’s been open since the end of March, is welcoming its adjacent café as we speak—the doors are open (albeit very softly) with an official opening likely next week. 

The drink menu features classic espresso drinks made with Olympia Coffee, but the beauty here is in the unusual. Think about it: Here’s a coffee and juice bar run by renowned bartenders Anu and Chris Elford. Skip the brewed coffee in favor of nitro spiced chai on tap, made with Anu’s family recipe, and juice elixirs like the Phoenix Down, with coconut water, sugarcane, pomegranate, falernum, lemon and mint.

The café carries over the Navy Strength aesthetic, with bright stools along the window and a pop of color in the turquoise backsplash. They’re installing jellyfish tanks this week near the peekaboo window into the bar.

Please, if you go this week, go with an open mind. The menu isn’t fully available yet, as recipes are still being dialed in. I’m normally a cold brew fan—and very excited about the cold brew dark and stormy coming soon—but ended up with an iced latte with house-made vanilla syrup spiced with mace. The staff is incredibly hospitable and will happily caffeinate you with whatever’s available.

Follow along on Facebook for the official opening date. 

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