One Young Gelato Fan Can’t Wait for Fainting Goat Owners to Recover After Crash

The couple behind the popular gelato shops were recently involved in a motorcycle accident.

By Michael Rietmulder


October 16, 2017

Fans of frozen desserts already know good things are happening in this city. Count Fainting Goat among the wave of skilled gelato makers raising the local bar for chilled sweet treats.

After making a name for themselves at their original Wallingford location, founding couple Yalcin and Sevim Ataman expanded last year with a second location in Fremont. The Atamans moved to Seattle from their native Turkey back in 1997 and run the shops with their three daughters. But health wise, the couple is going through a rough patch after a recent motorcycle accident on SR 99.

Earlier this month the couple took to Facebook to explain why their usually vast selection of flavors, handmade daily using local organic goat milk, has slipped of late.

Earlier this month, my wife and I were in a motorcycle accident on Highway 99. With the support of our daughters and the expertise of our medical community, we have undergone a remarkable recovery. For our neighbors and patrons who have noticed a lack in our inventory, responsiveness, and general service, thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. Your support means so much to our family. If only there was a better reminder to cherish our health and hold on to our loved ones tighter. The road to recovery is a long one, but we are hopeful and excited to get back to doing what we love. Thank you. Yalcin & Sevim

In subsequent social media posts, the couple reports that they’re “feeling better each day” and hopes to return to the shop soon. Judging by an outpouring of well wishes, clearly the community is behind them. But one young gelato fan really loves what they’re doing. In a handwritten note that will hopefully live eternally on a refrigerator, a young girl named Linnea gave her well wishes to her fave gelato purveyors, who posted it on Facebook over the weekend.

I’m no art critic, but will go ahead and interpret Linnea’s impeccably drawn music notes as a testament to how much Fainting Goat rocks. One big, adorable [sic] over everything.

Us, too, Linnea. Us, too. Here’s wishing the Atamans a speedy recovery.


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