Washington Residents Order More Takeout Than Those in Other States

Bid-on-Equipment found that Washington ranks No. 10 based on Google searches

By Nat Rubio-Licht


September 2, 2020

Washington residents love their takeout.

Slightly more than 8% of Google searches in the state have included “takeout” since the pandemic began, according to a study by equipment company Bid-on-Equipment. That ranks the state No. 10 in the nation.

The “United States of Takeout” survey found that 65% of customers across the country are ordering more takeout than they were before the pandemic. On average, people are spending around $67 on 2.4 orders per week. 

Six of the top 10 states are in the Northeastern U.S. Rhode Island finished No. 1. Takeout is least popular in the Southeastern U.S., and Mississippi residents order takeout the least.

The survey found that 43% of respondents didn’t feel safe dining in at a restaurant, and only one in three of the 2,000 people surveyed have eaten at a restaurant during the pandemic. The report also found that 59% of respondents are ordering from local restaurants, rather than chains. Almost half of those customers have been leaving larger tips since the start of the pandemic. 

Alcohol orders to-go have also become increasingly popular. The report found that 33% of respondents have ordered alcohol to-go since the start of the pandemic, and 32% would pay more for alcohol to-go. Fully 57% say they want restaurants to offer alcohol to-go permanently.

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