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Seattle Magazine executive editor, Rob Smith

Editor’s Note: Climate of Responsibility

Seattle takes the lead on environmental stewardship

Jeffrey Linn draws maps. Sloan Ritchie constructs buildings. Heather Trim influences policy. They have more in common than you might think. All have made environmental stewardship and responsibility their life’s work. They approach that mission in vastly different ways, but all are after the same thing: a just, equitable and sustainable future that emphasizes responsibility…


Editor’s Note: Against Long Odds

Crystal Allenton survived domestic abuse and homelessness to earn two college degrees

Long before the pandemic, Crystal Allenton knew she needed to make some big decisions to change her life. Allenton now holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from WGU Washington and teaches high school English, but there was a time when she was a single mother of three young children after fleeing an abusive husband. Homelessness and hunger were…


Editor’s Note: Return of the Restaurant

As the pandemic eases, the hard-hit restaurant sector eyes a resurgence

Like everyone else, MJ Munsell visits a restaurant for the food and social benefits. Unlike everyone else, she’s keenly aware of the sequencing, lighting and spacing. Munsell, the chief creative officer at Seattle architecture, design strategy and branding fi rm MG2, has spent more than three decades studying the consumer experience in retail, food and beverage environments….


Editor’s Note: Seeking Space

Housing patterns reflect the no-commute lockdown

After almost a year of pandemic-induced lockdown, we recently moved from a smallish condo to a house with double the space. It became steadily apparent as the months slowly ticked off last year that the condo we had lived in for more than three years simply wasn’t designed for 24/7 living. We remained in Seattle. Many have…


Your PNW Summer Bucket List Is Waiting

This month's editor's note from Rachel Hart

This article appears in print in the June 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. I met a guy during my sophomore year in college who was from Athens, Greece, but had never been to the Acropolis. I was incredulous—he said it was too much of a tourist attraction. But after driving around Seattle every day and seeing…

Close up view of young business people putting their hands together. Stack of hands. Unity and teamwork concept.

Local Corporations Build a Sense of Community With Employees

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

This article appears in print in the May 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. About 16 years ago I was planning a baby shower for my dear friend Erica, and we thought it would be fun to have a tarot card reader at the party. This was years before tarot card readers were at all the parties, so…

Face mask, spa beauty treatment. Woman applying facial clay mask at spa salon, skincare, side vies

Seattle’s Beauty Scene Is More Than Skin Deep

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

This article appears in print in the April 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. It feels a little brazen (and maybe a bit reckless?) to put out an issue with a cover highlighting a beauty feature in 2019, when standards of beauty are so fluid. How is it measured? And who exactly is judging? The wonderful thing…


From the Viaduct to Link Light Rail, Seattle Continues to Change

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

This article appears in print in the March 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. As our city begins to undergo one of the most epic physical changes that’s likely to occur during most of our lifetimes—the teardown of the Viaduct and the development of a new waterfront downtown—it’s only fitting that our annual best neighborhoods issue focuses on a…


Seattle’s Food Scene Is at Your Fingertips

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

The short rib pho at Pho Bac Sup Shop is one of our favorites

Paint cans on blue background

Seattle’s Home Design Experts Help You See Your Space in a New Light

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

This article appears in print in the January 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. When I was a kid, my parents always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up, but that simply wasn’t true. They were (and still are) awesome, encouraging parents, but I completely lack the skills to cut hair…


Zero Waste Living Is Not so Far-Fetched in Seattle

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

GARBAGE GOALS: Seattle’s rock star zero wasters, like my neighbor Deb Seymour, can fit a month’s worth of trash in containers like these


Key Lessons from the 2018 Most Influential People of the Year

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

This article appears in print in the November 2018 issue. Click here to subscribe. The single most sobering moment of parenthood I’ve experienced since, of course, the day my first son was born, was when he started driver’s education last year. Parents/guardians were required to attend the first class with students, and the first words out of the instructor’s…

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Publisher’s Note: The True Seattle Influencers

Forget social media. These are the real heroes.

In-flu-ence /ˈinflo͝oəns/. The power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways. An emanation of spiritual or moral force. An ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans. With all the attention on “influencers” on social media, I think we’ve lost the true meaning of…

Photography by Grant Hindsley

Every Car Has a Story: ‘I don’t own cars. They own me.’

Blake Siebe takes a most unusual approach to car collecting

There are two kinds of car collectors. The vast majority fit into a sort of “check box” mentality of acquiring cars anointed by others as collector worthy. In contrast, a rare category of car collectors, I might venture to say, are the true cognoscenti who discover vehicles that no one is yet appreciating. They relish in…