The War on Higher Education Puts America Last

Evergreen State College became embroiled in the recent anti-college uproar.

Olympia’s Evergreen State College became a flashpoint amid protests over alleged institutional racism.

Knute Berger

Mindfulness Helps Increasingly Anxious Students Cope With Stress

Seattle kids are 800 percent above average—in anxiety—and mindfulness could be the cure

Keeping a Zen garden is a technique that promotes mindfulness

Elaina Friedman

Looking North? Here’s One American’s MBA Experience in Canada

  An MBA is a major investment in your life, future and finances. With some colleges requesting more than $100K…

Jane Robinson

Seattle’s Future World: Our Crystal Ball Predictions, Part 3

Trying to predict the future is humbling—but even when we know we’ll probably be wildly wrong, it’s fodder for good conversation

Click here for Seattle’s Future World: Our Crystal Ball Predictions, Part 2 The Melting of the Seattle FreezeIn 30 years, the…

Seattle Magazine Staff and Guests

How Do We Raise Independent Adults?

Our role as parents is better suited for guidance and connection rather than hands-on efforts

Dr. Kelly Moore leads a discussion

Kelly Moore, PhD, Eastside Preparatory School Director of Student Support Services

Is an Independent School the Right Choice for your Family?

Defining what an independent school is and how to begin the admission process

Sponsored by Puget Sound Independent Schools At some point during a child’s educational journey, every parent must ask if their…

Pam Lauritzen, Co-Chair, Puget Sound Independent Schools and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid – Bertschi School

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