Five Things Seattleites Can Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Like many west coast progressives, you may be feeling downright discouraged this Thanksgiving. Between a bitter and unprecedented election, dismal, year-long headlines (Syrian refugee crisis; Flint, Michigan; DAPL; Brexit; etc.) and the endless ticker of obituaries (re: David Bowie, Prince, Sharon Jones, Leonard Cohen, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, etc.) it’s been a tough year for…

Gwendolyn Elliott

Garrison Keillor at the Paramount: “Our Love Will Get Us Through”

Writer, entertainer and variety show host, Garrison Keillor

Ellis E. Conklin

We Are America: Election Reflections from a Millennial

Reflections on the election—and the protests—from a millennial

With fellow picketing Americans, I marched in Seattle’s anti-Trump protest on November 9

Alexa Peters

Updated: Election Parties? We’ll Drink To That!

No matter how this election turns out, most people are ready to celebrate the end of a bitter, seemingly endless campaign season. Here are a few places to get your drink on among your fellow civic-minded citizen while votes are tabulated: The Pink Door’s pouring $1 Obamaramas (that’s the restaurant’s original concoction of fresh grape…

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