Ethan Stowell and other big-name chefs design Li’l Woody’s burgers

Tamara Murphy of Terra Plata and Edouardo Jordan of Salare craft meaty contributions

By Seattle Mag February 10, 2016

A burger with bacon and onions on top of a checkered tablecloth.

When I first moved to Ballard, it took the moving company 10 days to deliver our furniture and kitchen stuff. So we borrowed an IKEA frying pan from a friend and lived on eggs and ramen and Li’l Woody’s hamburgers.

As such, Li’l Woody’s burgers hold a special place in my heart – and, likely, in my family’s long-term digestive tract – so I’m pretty jazzed to see some new burgers on the menu this month. These aren’t permanent menu items but rather the restaurant’s second annual Seattle Burger Month. Yes, hashtag it.

For the second year in a row, Li’l Woody’s has invited four well-known Seattle chefs to the grill to flip some gourmet burger action during the month of February (through Feb. 29, to be exact). Those chefs are: Eric Johnson of Stateside, Tamara Murphy of Terra Plata, Ethan Stowell of Ethan Stowell Restaurant Group, and Edouardo Jordan of Salare.

The burgers, listed below with their names, ingredients and specific serving dates, are available at both Li’l Woody’s locations in Capitol Hill and Ballard (woot for me!). Contact the restaurants for prices and other details.

Edouardo Jordan: The 150 Gram Burger (Feb. 23-29). Oh. My.

One-third pounder Painted Hills Beef with honey dijon, tomato jam, caramelized onions, dill pickle, and Newsom’s Country Ham all on a potato bun with a side of mushroom tempura and horseradish dill sauce.

Ethan Stowell: The Scooter (Feb. 16-22). Simple. Elegant. Ethan. One-third pounder Painted Hills Beef with Calabrian chile mayo, shaved onion, tomato, Beecher’s cheddar and Hills bacon.

Tamara Murphy: Chorizo Bomb Burger (Feb. 9-15). She had me at pickled red onion. One-third pounder Painted Hills Beef with smoked paprika mayo, pickled red onion, butter lettuce, Valdeon blue cheese, Hills bacon and Chorizo Bomb Spice.

Sadly, we missed the window (Feb. 2-8) for Eric Johnson’s Pho’rench Dip Burger, which sounded like the most inventive. Curious? It was a third of a pound of Painted Hills beef deep fried with a spiced panko and fish sauce crust then slathered with maggi-Sriracha mayo, pickled carrot and daikon radish, and topped with scallions, cucumber, Fresno chilis and a broth for dipping. 

Bummer. Well, we’ll always have the Big Woody.


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