Fall Arts Preview 2010

Our indispensable guide to autumn arts tells you what to see--and how to do it yourself

By Brangien Davis December 16, 2010


This article originally appeared in the September 2010 issue of Seattle magazine.

About five years ago, the advent of several new media websites brought with it much anxiety about the impact of technology on the arts. Would YouTube kill cinema? Would literature by replaced by Twitterature? Would Facebook deaden us to live, in-person encounters? We’re happy to report that in 2010, the arts are alive and well—especially in Seattle, as evidenced by the truly exciting music, dance, theater, writing and what have you available in our city this fall. Want more proof? Look no further than our fourth annual Spotlight Award winners. These six emerging and extremely talented artists have made us marvel, listen closely, laugh, read feverishly, groove, think and rethink. We’ll choose that over a status update all season long.

Performers Jody Kuehner and Ricki Mason

Sculptor Debra Baxter

Animator/Illustrator Drew Christie

Writer Cherie Priest

Hip Hop Artist Macklemore


If you’ve ever exited a gallery, theater or concert hall thinking, “Hey, I want to try that,” we have good news. This year’s Fall Arts Preview doesn’t just tell you what to see, it also helps you channel your inspiration into countless artful things you can do. The best art begets more art—so get out there and see some, then make some yourself.


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