Fans Hoping to Reach Record Noise Levels at Seahawks’ Home Opener

The Seahawks have Seattle so excited that fans could just scream (their way to a world record)

By Seattle Mag September 9, 2013


This article originally appeared in the September 2013 issue of Seattle magazine.

Not since 2001, when the Mariners turned western Washington into Brigadoon, has Seattle been this jazzed. Expectations for the 2013 Seahawks are so giddily off the charts that Russell Wilson will be elected mayor of Seattle as soon as he authorizes the write-in campaign. Last year, Wilson proved that he’s the real deal among NFL quarterbacks. Now men and women want to have him over for a cookout. Kids want him to be their dad. Dogs want to fetch his cleats. Unlike the Seahawks’ 2005 season, which didn’t start with championship expectations, but ended in a Super Bowl appearance, this season begins with the belief—nay, the absolute conviction—that the Seahawks are preordained champions. Fittingly, the Seahawks’ home opener on September 15 is against their detested archrivals, the San Francisco 49ers, who did go to the Super Bowl last season. A dedicated group is urging ’Hawks fans to bring da noise louder than ever for this big game—enough to set a new Guinness World Record for highest-decibel crowd roar at a sports stadium. That should be easily accomplished as soon as the PA announcer introduces mayor-in-waiting Russell Wilson. 


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