Happy New Year, Seattle: Four Things to Look Forward to in 2017

As we close the last chapter of 2016, let us look foward to the promise of 2017 with hope in our hearts. Here are a few things to look forward to

Cheers to the new year!

Kasee Bailey

Chef Adam Hagen to Host Guest Chef Night on November 3

Alderbrook Resort's executive sous chef serves up a spectacular feast for FareStart

The Restaurant at Alderbrook’s chef Adam Hagen

Lauren Mang

Mike McConnell Celebrates Years of Work with FareStart

The Caffe Vita owner hosts FareStart's All-Star Guest Chef Nights in October

McConnell and his uncle Mario—founder of Big Mario’s Pizzeria—at a FareStart event.

Kasee Bailey

Love in Every Dish: A Chat with Chef Sabrina Tinsley

Osteria la Spiga co-owner and chef talks traditional Italian cuisine and inspiring ingredients

Sponsored by FareStart A knife, a spatula and love for her craft. These are three essentials that Sabrina Tinsley, chef…

Kasee Bailey

Farm to Table: Chef Brian Scheehser on Fresh Ingredients

Trellis Restaurant executive chef to host FareStart's Guest Chef Night on August 4

Sponsored by FareStart Chef Brian Scheehser has been whipping up fresh dishes since he was a child. “I liked to…

Carley Schmidt

Down to Her (Southern) Roots: Chef Lisa Dupar Talks Hometown Cooking

The Pomegranate Bistro owner and chef will host FareStart's Guest Chef Night on June 30

Sponsored by FareStart Chef Lisa Dupar would be content with a plate of fried chicken and a glass of champagne….

Kasee Bailey

Chef Jerry Traunfeld Discusses his Inspiration and Desire to Give Back

The owner of Poppy tells us about his past and his involvement with FareStart

Sponsored by FareStart Chef Jerry Traunfeld has been cooking since he was just a kid. Inspired by the famous Julia Child…

Mike Pearce

Chef Megan Coombes Talks Sausages and Culinary Triumphs

Altstadt's executive chef explains her passion for cooking and involvement with FareStart

Sponsored by FareStart Aldstadt’s executive chef Megan Coombes didn’t always plan on a carreer in the kitchen. In fact, before…

Kate Hofberg

Chefs Roy Breiman and Mark Bodinet Talk Travel and Personal Journeys

The culinary director and executive chef at Copperleaf Restaurant share experiences and offer wisdom

Sponsored by FareStart Chefs Roy Breiman and Mark Bodinet have been around the culinary block. Breiman, a California native, lived in…

Kate Murphy

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