Seattle Seen: Prints, Patterns, Pizzazz

Fall and winter fashion trends in Seattle feature bold, nostalgic colors

By Robinick Fernandez

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Photography by Austin McDonald

December 28, 2022

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2022 issue of Seattle Magazine.

The persistent warm heat this fall gives Seattle’s fashion essentials of Patagonia puffer coats and Hunter boots a longer summer vacation. As a result of global warming, people in Seattle can enjoy walks in October, and fashion is thriving with nearly summer-like layers of prints on prints and patterns on patterns. 

Photographer Austin McDonald speaks fashion with a few people, including Erica Nelson-Sheehan, co-founder of women’s accessories store Hitchcock; Katy Coleman, founder and creative director of boutique consignment shop Katybird; and the managing barista of Monorail Espresso, Kongsteada Sun.

“I grew up in Seattle. I was 14 in 1992 and this was a very cool place to be. The music and fashion of our city caught the world’s attention. Causal, vintage, quirky, rebellious, brooding… it’s in my DNA.” – Erica Nelson-Sheehan

Anonymous woman.

Austin McDonald


Austin McDonald

Monorail Espresso manager Matt Wilson.

Austin McDonald

Katy Coleman, founder and creative director of Katybird Boutique.

Austin McDonald

“Style isn’t always about what’s new. It’s about how I live, and I’m careful about what I purchase and wear. It is an act of sustainable activism for me.” – Katy Coleman

From left, Marques Thompson, a project engineer, and film producer Faith Fajardo.

Austin McDonald

Kongsteada Sun, managing barista at Monorail Expresso.

Austin McDonald

“Seattle fashion is both seductive and practical. We are seldom the focus of attention in the fashion industry, but we always inspire the center.” – Kongsteada Sun

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