February 2019

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100 Best Things to Eat: From noodles to brunch favorites, sandwiches to dinners. (Read it online Feb. 4 or pick up a copy on newsstands now!)

PLUS: The 16 iconic foods every Seattleite should try, a new ride-share service for pets, road trip to B.C.’s smallest town and much more!

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From this Issue

Madrona perfume shop Atelier Madrona

“Every perfume I develop is an olfactive creation that tells each person’s unique story.”

Cloud Room Bar in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Aperitivos are all the rage, but this twist on the spritz works any time of day

Masoud Torabi

“I’ve always wanted to dress formally and believe that doing so shows respect for my career and clients.”

A gig economy veteran turns her attention to pet transportation

The new podcast tells a story of an expedition to an Earth-like moon called Fons, a weird and wonderful world characterized by extreme tides and strange oceanic creatures

Local jewlery maker uses natural materials

Kelsi Dunn’s handcrafted line of jewelry puts nature’s beauty on display

Seattle’s eviction court is the place of last resort for many Seattleites who ultimately wind up on the street. Can a few changes to our laws give some of Seattle’s most vulnerable a chance for a better outcome?

His early drawings reveal a bent toward psychedelia (and a love for Husky football)

Seattle satirical news site The Needling

'The Needling' tackles some very Seattle subjects in a fun and lighthearted way

South Lake Union's Verde & Co shop owner Meridith Isaacson

The art of dance informs the arrangements of florist Meridith Isaacson

This month's Editor's Note from Rachel Hart

Piggy Buns from Fashion Dim Sum

A food lover’s bucket list: The region’s 100 best dishes to eat now

Walrus and the Carpenter oysters in Seattle

Want to know what Seattle tastes like? These 16 dishes—ranked in order of cultural significance—are the best place to start

Seattle doughnut holes from Raised Doughnuts

Kick off a delicious day with these 15 morning meals

Skip that lunch at your desk in favor of one of these 12 standouts

Fill the gap between lunch and dinner with these 10 dishes best enjoyed with a drink

Make your biggest meal your best with these 23 dishes

The party promises a headlining performance by local soul rapper SassyBlack and the unveiling of volume 3 of 'Monday,' the gallery’s new journal of contemporary arts criticism

Noodles from Miah's Kitchen in Redmond, WA

We love a pile of noodles— particularly these 8 dishes

Seattle's best desserts: A La Mode Pies, Hot Cakes, Ube Cheesecake

Midday or late at night, these 10 desserts are the best treats in town

Seattle's Crafe Presse Croque Madame

We break down our favorite dishes by neighborhood

Inuk singer Tanya Tagaq

Our hand-picked list of best bets for entertainment this month

How to find that special someone in our notoriously bleak dating city

Bellingham maple syrup farm

An Acme family farm is making a pitch for local, sustainable maple syrup harvesting

Seattle's The Seagull Project cast at ACT Theater

In its rigorous approach to Chekhov, The Seagull Project applies the work of the famous Russian playwright and physician as a salve for modern times

Ballard brewery Lucky Envelope beer

A Ballard brewery brings a 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe back to life

A pivot by a Central District restaurant team introduces some of the best ribs in the city

5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle production of Rock of Ages

With its cast of local rockers and a club on the line, 'Rock of Ages' hits home

The state’s east-west political divide is changing, says Knute Berger, and there are many issues on which the two parties could find common ground

Select your personalized dance event from the options below

The new gallery shows off the otherworldly food photography of Nathan Myhrvold

A tiny Vancouver Island city offers unique rewards for the visitor