Five Ply Design’s First-Ever Lighting Collection

Chinatown/International District-based designer Peter Benarcik’s new lighting collection is construc

By Jennifer McCullum February 11, 2016


This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Seattle Magazine.

Designer Peter Benarcik says he never considered himself a wood guy, but admits that growing up around a lumberyard (his father owned a home improvement store) influenced his interest in natural materials. “I love taking something traditionally perceived as flat and creating an entirely new shape,” Benarcik says. Such unique shapes are evident in Benarcik’s new lighting collection for Five Ply Design. Laser-cutting scrap blocks of poplar, pine and birch, Benarcik assembles each light by hand and recommends that customers equip them with LED bulbs, further illustrating his affinity for nature. “I’ve learned it’s better to use really solid materials that can have a life beyond their original use,” he says. “With the development of recycling and technologies, the timber industry now offers this abundance of new materials that allow me to use wood in ways I probably never would have before.”

Available at Click!, West Seattle, 4540 California Ave. SW; 206.328.9252;


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