Flyhomes Changes How Homes Are Bought And Sold

Innovative company makes it easier for homebuyers and sellers
| Updated: December 8, 2020
  • Innovative company makes it easier for both sellers and buyers
  • Innovative company makes it easier for both sellers and buyers
  • Innovative company makes it easier for both sellers and buyers

Flyhomes is the next generation of real estate. We offer clear processes, more services under one roof, a team of experts, and extras like same-day tours. Our financial programs unlock possibilities, allowing buyers to compete against cash offers in competitive markets. The result is less stress for both buyers and sellers.

How does Flyhomes stand out from the competition? Flyhomes offers innovative financial programs. We can turn a traditional home offer into a cash offer so a qualified buyer without cash on hand can compete and win against cash buyers. Our Trade Up program enables sellers to unlock equity from their current home in order to buy their new home. Plus, each of our clients works with a team of experts led by their client adviser.

How does Flyhomes save me money as a buyer and/or seller? Because our processes are streamlined, we’re able to share savings back to our clients. The specifics vary by location and by which program a client chooses to use. Our Trade Up clients, who are buying one home and selling another, move into their new home before listing the home they’re selling. So, they avoid moving twice. That saves on temporary housing, storing belongings, and paying movers more than once.

What is a Flyhomes Guaranteed Offer? A Flyhomes Guaranteed Offer is a traditional home offer with our official, on-paper promise that the deal will close. If our client can’t buy the home, Flyhomes will buy it for the same price and terms. A Guaranteed Offer gives our client a leg up on the competition and it gives the seller the certainty they need to say “yes.” Flyhomes Guaranteed Offer clients are also eligible for a rebate at closing.

What is a Flyhomes Cash Offer? With a Flyhomes Cash Offer, Flyhomes makes a cash offer on our client’s behalf. This way, our client can compete with other cash offers and avoid a financing contingency. Later, our client finalizes their mortgage loan and buys the home from us for the same price. Sellers love cash offers because they come with certainty and speed.

What is the company’s Trade Up product? Flyhomes Trade Up enables you to buy a new home with a Flyhomes Cash Offer, then sell your current home. We use the equity in the home you’re selling to pump up your purchasing power for the home you’re buying. Then, you buy your new home without a sale or financing contingency. You move right in, avoiding temporary housing between buying and selling. Selling is less stressful, too, because you’re not living in a listed home that you need to keep tidy or vacate for showings. We deep clean and stage it for you while you’re already enjoying your new home.

How can Flyhomes help sellers get the most out of their property? Flyhomes listing agents are local experts with deep experience to inform strategy. Their expertise is paired with data analysis from a dedicated research team.  We offer a full-service listing package with professional cleaning, photography, a 3D walkthrough, yard signs and flyers, open houses, a targeted marketing plan, a pre-listing inspection, and home staging.

What other unique programs does Flyhomes offer? The company is structured for an easier, smoother experience —clients can work with our brokerage team, mortgage company, closing services, or all three. Flyhomes also offers same-day home tours that clients request or manage through our app or site.

How has the pandemic affected Flyhomes? As part of our commitment to change the way people buy and sell homes, we already had a great foundation of tools and technology to make the process easier. The pandemic accelerated our use of these tools and our focus on digital innovation from virtual tours to Zoom meetings between clients and their advisers to online events that introduce buyers and sellers to the way real estate works.

We’ve listened closely to our clients to understand how their needs are changing. For example, we’ve had clients broaden their search areas because the pandemic has allowed them to work from home. We’ve also heard more and more stories of homeowners outgrowing their current homes now that they work from home and spend so much time in their space. Plus, people are prioritizing outdoor spaces in new ways. Flyhomes Trade Up is designed for this situation, making it more straightforward to buy one and home sell another. Getting it done fast and moving only once is more appealing than ever.