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5 Products to Shop for in January 2020

Pick up these beauty essentials and ease into winter gracefully

By Andrew Hoge January 10, 2020


You might find yourself in a post-holiday vacuum in the month of January, with busy schedules and gift shopping followed by an inward turn towards new year resolutions and self reflection. These products and destinations intended to make you feel your best. As the saying goes: new year, new you.

Combat the Seattle freeze, er “frost.” 

Jordan Samuel Skin, founded by former PNB dancer Jordan Pacitti, offers a range of innovative skincare products that prepare users “for their entrance.” As we settle into winter you might want to pick up a bottle of the lightweight Siero Antiossidante Antioxidant Serum ($45 for 1 fl. oz.) that combines green tea and olive fruit extract with Resveratrol that helps heal environmental stress and reduce facial redness. 

Take a soak.

Daughter of the Land describes their mission as creating effective skincare products with low environmental impact. Founder Ashley Spierer, who recently opened her studio space in Ballard to the public on Sundays, has the perfect product to help you destress after a busy holiday season. The CBD Bath and Body Oil ($59 for 2 oz.) features a soothing blend of essential oils, including hemp-derived CBD oil intended to help both body and mind relax.

Smell your best.

Julie Wray is the founder of Olivine Atelier and creates luxe perfumes that not only smell divine but encourages self love. Last year, she debuted a new fragrance each month from her 13 Moons Perfume Collection, celebrating feminine power (often associated with the number 13) in a series of enchanting names such as Golden, Frost and Mermaid Moon. The final fragrance launches on January 12, and while Wray is keeping the scent a secret, she let us know that “it was created for anyone that feels a need to be on the beach in January.”

Swing by this fashion-focused showroom in University Village.

Sydney Mintle is the tour de force behind Gossip & Glamour, a boutique fashion PR agency that represents and builds Seattle area fashion and beauty brands. Since launching her business 10 years ago Mintle has been a fixture in the local fashion scene and recently opened a new office showroom (open 9am-1pm) in University Village that features her client’s products. If you love supporting local (and want to discover the latest in local style) feel free to swing by.

And while you’re there, pick up some skincare for the guys.

K Banana popped up in University Village just over a year ago and quickly secured a permanent spot in the shopping center earlier this year. The store’s brightly colored interior has attracted many skincare enthusiasts looking to shop the curated selection of Korean beauty productsfrom serums to face masksthat promise a wide array of benefits. Founder Liz Kang Yates recently added The Wolf Project, an edgy new skincare brand created for men, to her shelves. For the guy looking to #glowup this year, three products are available: a creamy charcoal cleanser, quick absorbing facial lotion and jet black sheet masks.

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