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Best of 2019: Favorite New Hotels

Many new hotels in Seattle use artful decor to liven up their lodgings

By Ariel Shearer December 19, 2019


This article originally appeared in the December 2019 issue of Seattle magazine.

This article appears in print in the December 2019 issue as part of our Best of 2019 cover story. Click here to subscribe.

Among the abundance of new hotels opening this past year has been a bevy of boutique hotels that prioritize character over scale. Many of these new establishments have cropped up in old buildings—a refreshing twist amid Seattle’s constant construction and crane-cramped skyline. Inside, these spaces are infused with a charm often lacking in other lodging prospects, thanks in large part to the spectacular use of art. 

The State Hotel
Each elevator landing of this eight-floor hotel boasts a unique pattern of custom wallpaper inspired by Pike Place Market and other Seattle icons, hand-drawn by Portland-based Kate Blairstone. Photo courtesy of The State Hotel

The Sound Hotel
Only certain rooms have visual access to a secret mural by Seattle’s own Jeff Jacobson, an artist better known as Weirdo. (Guests in Room 301 enjoy this particularly vibrant view). Photo by Jeremiah Hull

Graduate Seattle
The counter at on-site Poindexter Coffee is adorned with sharpened pencils, complementing 1930s Art Deco aesthetics throughout this revamped property. Photo by Andrew Giammarco

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