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Best Seattle Restaurants 2011: True Value Lunches

More Chow, Less Moolah. True Value Lunches.

By Allison Scheff May 21, 2011



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Kimchi fried rice bowl at MARINATION MOBILE (food truck): Spicy, stinky (in a good way!), with kalbi beef and a fried egg.

Smoked portobello mushroom crêpe at SAGE BAKERY & CAFE (Capitol Hill): Heaped with smoked mushrooms and tempeh, lemon-dill aioli on the side.

Pupusas at GUANACO’S TACOS PUPUSERIA (U District, Capitol Hill): Freshly griddled masa flatbreads melting with cheese, jalapeños and pork.

Beef bing at HENRY’S TAIWAN (International District): A big, juicy dumpling unlike any other.

Banh mi thit nuong at TONY’S BAKERY (Columbia City): Tender grilled pork, pickled veggies, with extra cilantro and jalapeños.

Mizuna salad at BOOM NOODLE (Capitol Hill, Bellevue, University Village): Heaps of peppery lettuce, sweet-potato chips, bell peppers, cucumbers and baby lima beans in a sesame vinaigrette.

Four-inch VegOut sandwich at CHELSEA DELI (Columbia City): Your five-a-day, plus Thousand Island dressing.

Spicy soy beef noodle soup at LI’S DUMPLING AND NOODLE HOUSE (Bellevue): Thin, tender noodles and fiery braised beef. Sassy!

Salami Bocadillo at BAR FERD’NAND (Capitol Hill): Crusty bread, rich salami, roasted piquillo peppers—a grab-and-go lunch from Spanish heaven.

Corned beef sandwich at MARKET HOUSE MEATS (Downtown): Behold the corned beef sandwich of the gods!

Bravo meat burrito at RANCHO BRAVO TACOS (Wallingford, Capitol Hill): Packed to bursting with juicy perfection.

Grilled Steak Salad at HOMEGROWN (Fremont, Capital Hill, Queen Anne): Sirloin, blue cheese, tomatoes, onions-the salad that eats like a meal.

Philly Smash at UNEEDA BURGER (Fremont): Juicy Painted Hills beef, sweet charred peppers, Gruyère and drippy sauce.

Carnitas plate at TACOS EL ASADERO (Rainier Valley): Griddled-to-a-crisp braised pork, enough for two.

Beef soondubu at KIMCHI BISTRO (Capitol Hill): Deeply warming Korean soup, fragrant and sinus-clearing spicy.

Ham and Jarlsberg sandwich at  HUSKY DELI (West Seattle): Simple, satisfying, made-to-order classic.

Barbecued pork banh mi at SUB SAND (International District): Meticulously made and packed with extra pickled veggies.

Kao man gai at THAI CURRY SIMPLE (International District): Ginger-laced rice topped with tender chicken, always on Saturday, sometime on Monday or Tuesday.

Soy beef noodle at CAFE HAPPY (Kirkland): Sweet and spicy, with imported noodles and lightly wilted spinach. And surprise! It’s vegetarian!

Zip Royale at ZIPPY’S (West Seattle): The messiest, beefiest, most awesome burger in West Seattle.

Slice of Great White pizza at BAKERY NOUVEAU (West Seattle): Three
cheeses. Garlic sauce. Perfect crust. Heavenly.

Bento box with sushi at FUJI SUSHI (International District): Fresh, generous and filling; we like it with fried shrimp.


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