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Bistro Turkuaz’s Must-try Dolmades

Chef Ugur Oskay proves not every dolma is created equal.

By Seattle Mag April 18, 2011


This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue of Seattle magazine.

The loveliness of Bistro Turkuaz—small, intimate, warm—is the sort confided only to our best friends. Those of us who adore the place want to keep it to ourselves. But sometimes a taste is so marvelous, it’s impossible not to share the news. Such is the case with chef Ugur Oskay’s dolmades ($7). Others are often thick-skinned and fibrous, but Oskay’s dolma is brilliant: tender grape leaves gently rolled around rice fragrant with lemon, lively snippets of mint and itty bits of currant, with savory pine nuttiness coming up behind. The extra care that obviously goes into the making of these fork-tender rolls is, like so much about this wee spot, extraordinary.

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