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Brimmer & Heeltap’s Delish Garlic-flavored Tapioca Chips

If you love pork rinds, then you've got to try these chips from Brimmer & Heeltap

By Seattle Mag January 14, 2016


This article originally appeared in the February 2016 issue of Seattle magazine.

If you like fried pork rinds, you have to try the tapioca puff chips ($6) at Brimmer & Heeltap, the Ballard bistro known for its inventive, Korean-inspired fare.

Executive chef Mike Whisenhunt’s version may be vegan, but it’s every bit as savory and crunchy (read: addictive) as the piggy kind. He fries dehydrated, garlic-flavored tapioca chips in rice bran oil for three seconds, which swells the chips into glistening, golden puffs then sprinkles them with Hungarian paprika, Korean fine chili powder, brown sugar, salt and lime zest. It’s the perfect snack, one we wish the restaurant bagged and sold for Seahawks stress eating.

Happy Super Bowl.

Ballard, 425 NW Market St.; 206.420.2534; 


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