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Comfort Food: Best Comfort Fried Foods in Seattle

By Lorna Yee December 22, 2010

© Hayley Young Photography

Deep-fried Veggies
Yes, we’re making the argument that fruits and veggies—even those batter dipped and fried—still count toward your recommended five to nine a day. And it’s even better when it’s something unexpected, like the fried lemons at Pike Street Fish Fry on Capitol Hill. Here, slices are  batter-dipped, then introduced to a quick bath in hot oil, emerging with a fluffy, golden crust that belies their tart interior ($5–$6). These heavenly wedges are a welcome accompaniment to the fried cod, halibut or oysters.

Fish and Chips
When it comes to fish and chips, some desire the light, melt-in-your-mouth quality of Pike Street Fish Fry’s batter-dipped offerings, while others desire the herby, bread-crumby fare at Pacific Inn Pub. But for us, the ale-batter-dipped mahi mahi ($12) at Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont—with its hoppy-tasting, dark brown, batter crust, and moist, substantial fish—is tops. Brouwer’s fries are no afterthought, either: skin-on Idahos, served as crisp and golden as they come. Wash this all down with the Spice Route peppercorn rye beer from Dieu du Ciel ($9.50/12 ounces), and you have the makings of an excellent evening.


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