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Comfort Food: Meatloaf

We salute these restaurants for putting a delicious, down-home spin on the ultimate meat and potato

By Lorna Yee December 14, 2010

© Hayley Young Photography

The sassy waitresses at Calamity Jane’s in Georgeown will call you “sweetheart,” teasingly chide you for ordering just one Manny’s, and encourage you to finish the behemoth portion of the Wednesday special: D’s roasted-garlic meatloaf ($11.82). A mammoth slice tasting of pork, beef and herbs comes blanketed in a hearty gravy and topped with at least half a head’s worth of plump cloves of slow-roasted garlic. On the side, more cauliflower-potato mash than anyone can comfortably eat—though you’ll try. It’s that good.
The Heartland Cafe in West Seattle seems like a slice of Americana. From the framed vintage apron on the wall to the backlit art pieces featuring tractors and cornfields, this is where you’d expect nothing short of a stellar meatloaf dinner. Heartland doesn’t disappoint: A recent meal featured two griddled slices of the stuff (made with chicken, beef and pork sausage) topped with a spicy green-peppercorn gravy and served with a side of fluffy mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli ($11).

The best meatloaf sandwich in town is more than just a sammie—it’s a mile-high meatloaf burger. Leave it to the guys at Take 5 Urban Market in Ballard to griddle a thick but delicately textured slice of its tasty beef and pork meatloaf, then pile on sweet and jammy caramelized onions, melted cheese, crisp lettuce and tomato on a mayo-smeared, toasted Grand Central Bakery roll. This saucy, messy meal is one you’ll have to squish down to eat, unless you’re fortunate enough to have a jaw that unhinges.

Craving a bit of home-style comfort but pressed for time? Stop by Pasta and Co for its Gobble It Up turkey meatloaf ($9.25/pound), a satisfying dinner you’ll only have to reheat to enjoy. Take home a container of the roasted-garlic mashed potatoes or smashed Yukons with smoky blue cheese to round out the meal.


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