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Embracing a Silly Internet Trend, Seattle-style

"Owling", "Needling" and something we completely made up.

By Patrick Hutchison October 17, 2011


This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue of Seattle magazine.

We love it when Internet trends encourage people to desert their computers, head out into the city and do something—even if that something is pretty inane.

Last summer, “planking” (getting your photo taken while lying stiffly face down in public places) became an online sensation and led to a wave of imitator trends.

For example, “owling,” in which you perch on an object like an owl, and “batting,” which is essentially upside-down owling. And now, Seattle has joined the fray with “Needling” (

Invented on a whim by a group of PR associates at local firm PRR, Needling requires that you bend your arms above your head, press your hands together pointing upward and spread your legs slightly so that the silhouette of your body echoes our most iconic monument.

If you tire of Needling, we’ve come up with another locally sourced idea: “Sasquatching.” Head to a park or grove of trees and execute the archetypal Bigfoot pose: midstride, looking sideways at the camera and if at all possible, be blurry.


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