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Fondue: 5 Spots for a Retro Date Night

Everything tastes better with cheese (or chocolate), so it’s no surprise that fondue remains a guilt

By Anna Samuels February 7, 2011


This article originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of Seattle magazine.

What happens when a mild, buttery Camembert and a strong, pungent Gorgonzola join forces? They create Cambozola, which makes a dip-tastic fondue. Pair’s version is accompanied by pear, apple and crostini pieces begging to be dunked. $9. Ravenna/U District, 5501 30th Ave. NE; 206.526.7655;

You can’t go wrong with the traditional Swiss fondue, featuring Gruyère and Emmentaler accented by white wine, garlic, lemon and a dash of Kirschwasser. The Melting Pot also does chocolate right—in milk, dark or white. The exciting part here is the dipper selection: fruit, cheesecake, marshmallows, brownies and Rice Krispies Treats. $16 small, $32 regular. Queen Anne, 14 Mercer St.; 206.378.1208;

The goat cheese fondue stands out with a sweetly herbal, lavender infusion, perfect alongside grilled bread and apples. $10. Downtown, 2030 Fifth Ave.; 206.448.2001;

This Magnolia alehouse steps things up a notch with a chèvre fondue ideal for those who can’t choose between sweet and savory. The goat cheese mingles with blackberry honey for a distinctive fusion of flavors. $8. Magnolia, 3055 21st Ave. W; 206.283.8843;

The Steward’s Fondue at this Pike Place restaurant features a selection of cheeses chosen by cheese steward Nic Norton, and it’s finished with cream and wine. $13. 94 Stewart St.; 206.441.5505;


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