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Honest Biscuits rises in Pike Place

The biscuiterie opens June 1 with new sandwiches, sides

By Jessica Yadegaran April 22, 2015


Think biscuits are merely a vehicle for butter? Our staff biscuit buffs beg to differ, especially after waiting in long, farmer’s market lines for the flaky, steamy sublime dough made by Art Stone of Honest Biscuits.

Wait no more. Come June 1, Honest Biscuits opens its first permanent biscuiterie in Pike Place Market. The 450-square-foot counter-and-stools shop will be open seven days a week in the Economy Market building at First Avenue and Pike Street. The biscuit shop is part of the new Pike Place MarketFront expansion project, which opens in 2017.

Stone, who started his biscuit business in 2011, will offer the same flavors we crave (the Honey Biscuit made with local Sunny Honey is like a sweet burst of sunshine in your mouth) along with biscuit sandwiches and an expanded menu featuring new side dishes, like homemade gravy, coleslaw and desserts.

On the subject of Seattle’s obsession with biscuits, Stone said he believes it is less trend and more common sense.

“It just seems to have happened,” he says. “It’s the ultimate comfort food and takes you back to childhood. At least it does for me.”

A native of North Carolina, Stone learned the art of dough from his grandmother at the age of 4. Today, he infuses his southern-inspired biscuits with local, artisanal, seasonal twists: he starts with Washington Shepherd’s Grain Flour and churns his own butter for the classic Butterhole; transforms it into a Pike Place Biscuit with Beecher’s Flagship Cheese; and The MacGregor with mouth-watering Bavarian Meats bacon and organic caramelized onions.

For updates on Stone’s opening, visit Honest Biscuits.


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