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Instagram Inspiration: Farmers Market Finds

Vibrant, colorful fruits, vegetables and flowers from local farmers

By Sabrina Nelson June 16, 2016


There’s a reason everyone seems to glow in the summertime: uber-fresh goodies from the farmers market! And with many local ones from which to choose, there are tons of opportunities to pick up some juicy berries, crisp greens or just-picked peonies while strolling along in the sun.

Whether your market of choice is in Wallingford, Madrona, Queen Anne or Ballard, Seattle farmers markets are top-notch, and these pictures prove it. Add your bounty of berries to a smoothie, use them to decorate a cake or eat them right out of the container–the culinary potentials are endless.

Feast your eyes (literally) on these snaps from local Instagrammers, and be inspired to take a trip to your nearest farmers market.

1. Erin Ireland

Instagram: @erinireland

2. Erica Kate Agbayani

Instagram: @ekayayy

3. Brittany Wright

Instagram: @wrightkitchen

4. Bao-Tram Do

Instagram: @emeraldcitygem

5. Aran Goyoaga

Instagram: @cannellevanille


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