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Sandwiches at Chelsea Deli

Dave Harris brings scrumptious sandwiches to Columbia City.

By Seattle Mag June 10, 2011


Dave Harris’ sandwiches have been making people fat and happy for more than a decade, first at the Other Coast café, where he dreamed up the Rajun Cajun sandwich when he opened that stellar deli on Ballard Avenue in 1999.

Now, after a stint in Westport at the Mermaid Deli in Westport, he’s heading up this Columbia City gem, which debuted in December. Here, the sandwiches are given extra care every step of the way. The banh mi ($7) is made with tender marinated chicken thighs, tons of still-crisp pickled veggies and extra cilantro: it’s not pork, but it’s near perfect. My favorite is a tweaked version of that spicy Cajun sammie, called The Chelsea ($6.25 half/$12.50 whole): house-roasted turkey slathered in an awesome chipotle mayo with pepper jack cheese and red onions. Sweet onion teriyaki sauce is spread onto house-roasted pork loin in the Hula Pork ($6.25 half/$12.50 whole). But do yourself a favor: Keep that sandwich in the foil or you’ll wear it the rest of the day.

Lunch daily. Columbia City, 4908-A Rainier Ave. S; 206.725.3456;  ¢


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