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Seattle’s Best Comfort Food

January may be National Soup Month, but that’s no reason to limit ourselves to just one type of soot

By Lorna Yee December 14, 2010

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This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue of Seattle magazine.

Whether it’s the singular contentment found in a plate of gooey mac and cheese, or the soothing warmth of a hot bowl of soup, this time of year we’re all about praising good ol’ comfort food. For this issue, we indulged in moist slices of meatloaf and flaky-crumbed piroshky. We dug through mounds of mashed potatoes and devoured dumplings whose bellies were bursting with juicy beef. We lapped up tomato soup that lifts the soul and savored its favorite partner: the classic grilled cheese sandwich. We polished off pieces of the crunchiest fried chicken, slurped up steaming bowls of pho and tasted the sweetest apple pies in town—all in the name of research. So, settle in under your favorite blanket and read on. This is one issue that will inspire an appetite and leave you with a joyful, well-fed feeling all winter long.


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